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Delivery of superoxide dismutase by TAT and Abalone peptides for the protection of skin cells against oxidative stress

Trichoderma reesei superoxide dismutase (TrSOD) is a well characterized enzyme being stable between 30 and 90°C for 1 h with activity at pH between 2.6 and 9.0. This work aimed to clone, express, purify and evaluate the protective effect antioxidant of this enzyme on skin cells when fused to transactivator of transcription (TAT) protein transduction domain of HIV-1 and Abalone (Ab) peptides to allow cell penetration. TrSOD, TAT-TrSOD-Yfp (fused to yellow fluorescent protein) and Ab-TrSOD were expressed in E.coli and purified as soluble proteins. The cytotoxicity of the enzymes, at the concentrations of 1, 3 and 6 μmol/L, was evaluated for a…
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