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Bromophenol Blue

CH021 ABM 100 g

Bromophenol blue

BB2230 Bio Basic 25g

Bromophenol Blue

B7774-5000 ApexBio 5 g
Description: IC50: N/ABromophenol blue (3',3",5',5"-tetrabromophenolsulfonphthalein) is widely used in gel loading buffers. Bromophenol blue is experimentally used as acolor marker, apH indicator, and a dye.

Bromophenol Blue

abx082607-10g Abbexa 10 g

Bromothymol Blue

GT6837-10G Glentham Life Sciences 10 g

Bromothymol Blue

GT6837-25G Glentham Life Sciences 25 g

Bromothymol Blue

GT6837-50G Glentham Life Sciences 50 g

Accu-Tell COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test

GEN-B352-20tests Accu test 20 tests 283.2 EUR

Accu-Tell COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test

GEN-B352-40tests Accu test 40 tests 385.2 EUR

2019-nCoV IgG/IgM Rapid Test Cassette (Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma)

GEN-402-25tests All test 25 tests 292.8 EUR

Test product

testttt National Diagnostics 0 Ask for price

Human TES(Testin) ELISA Kit

EH1738 FN Test 96T 681.12 EUR

T(Testosterone) ELISA Kit

EU0400 FN Test 96T 571.5 EUR

Rat T(Testosterone) ELISA Kit

ER1462 FN Test 96T 628.92 EUR

Recombinant human Testin

P2531 FN Test 100ug Ask for price

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ARHGDIA Antibody / RHOGDI Antibody

F54788-0.4ML NSJ Bioreagents 0.4 ml 322.15 EUR

CLCN5 Antibody / CIC-5 antibody

RQ6462 NSJ Bioreagents 100ug 356.15 EUR

Anti-Anti-SEPT5 Antibody antibody

STJ114819 St John's Laboratory 100 µl 332.4 EUR

Anti-Anti-SEPT2 Antibody antibody

STJ28365 St John's Laboratory 100 µl 332.4 EUR

Anti-Anti-SEPT7 Antibody antibody

STJ28963 St John's Laboratory 100 µl 332.4 EUR

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